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Exercise To Move Forward

Our Divine Download for December 27, 2021 is Get Some Exercise from the Magical Messages With the Fairies Oracle Cards. I told y'all they weren't playing, and they most seriously are not. Our Angels and Guides are reminding us that physical movement is necessary not only for our overall well-being, but also when we want to move forward in any area of our lives, physical movement is a necessary step to allow us to do just that. Physical movement, however that looks for you right now, doesn't just prepare you and allow you to move forward in your life, but it can expedite the pace with which you move forward - bonus! Physical exercise can also help you feel stronger and more vital. What type of exercise do you need right now? What movement is your body and your spirit craving? Is there a specific type of exercise that you are being called or drawn to? When was the last time that you exercised your mind? Does your spirit require some exercise? How will you move forward with incorporating more exercise into your life today and in the future, especially the new year? When you are feeling, stuck, stagnant, blocked, or even just misaligned, exercise is the one thing that can help you move forward in all ways. Exercise, in the traditional sense really gets a bad rap. It's a chore, it's something that must be done. BUT, what if we flip the script on that and allow exercise to be a tool that we choose to use when we want to move forward? What if we choose to see exercise as (gasp) fun?! It can be! It should be! It doesn't need to be something that we must do, but we can allow it to be something that we CHOOSE to do, that we want to do. Something that we are grateful that we are able to do. Challenge yourself to tune into your body to see what exercise it is craving right now. Challenge yourself to evaluate and renew your relationship with exercise. When you can harness the potential energy and forward momentum that exists within exercise, your entire being will simply soar.

Self care is a muscle that can be exercised as well. What self care is your body craving right now? The AromaTouch Technique is a wonderful form of self care which will restore your entire body to a state of homeostasis. Book Your AromaTouch Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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