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Experience the Empowerment of Change

Our Divine Download for Tuesday April 21, 2020 is Surrender Your Fear of Change from the Power of Surrender Cards. Whoa. This is a big one. People do not like change. Fact. Well, more accurately, we like it when the things we don't like change or evolve, but notsomuch when the things that we do like change or evolve. But we don't get to pick and choose what changes and what doesn't. We can look to nature to see that change is a constant and that it comes it cycles. Those cycles are necessary, beautiful, balancing, and empowering. If we follow the change in cycles of a tree, we see that in the spring it's leaves bud out and some flower, those buds and flowers turn into the leaves of summer, those leaves drop in the fall, and in the winter though it doesn't look like much is going on at first glance, we know that the winter slumber allows the necessary processes for the spring cycle to begin again. But at no point through any of those cycles or seasons or changes does the tree stop being a tree. That is the constant within the change. This is true for us as well. We're still ourselves, regardless of the changes that are happening around or within us. We never stop being us. When we can hold fast to the constant of self within the storms of change, that is where we find the power of surrender. Change isn't something to be feared or dreaded. It is something that is necessary and even empowering and we are being reassured through this card that we are being cared for and supported throughout all of the changes that we are experiencing and that we will always be supported through all of the changes that we will ever experience. If you struggle with surrendering to change, or fear blocks your full ability to surrender, try the affirmation "I have faith that all is well" or "Everything is working out for my highest good."


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