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Feed & Follow Your Heart

Our Divine Download for February 25, 2024 is Time To Feed The Hungry Heart from The Dream Weaver's Oracle. Your heart is hungry. Did you know that? What is it hungry for? When do you plan on feeding it? How are you going to feed it? With what are you going to feed it? These questions are especially important at this juncture because you are being put on notice that your heart is in fact hungry, so it is time to feed it. Our hearts yearn for and want so very many things, some more than others. That is where the hunger of the heart comes in. What do you want deeply, badly, passionately? Feed your heart that which you are most hungry for. That which you are most passionate about. Make it a priority to feed your heart not just now (as it is clearly demanding) but on a regular basis because feeding your heart is just as important as feeding your body. In some ways it can be more important. In order to feed your heart well, you must first tune into what it is your heart wants and what it is your heart needs. Which means that you must tune into your heart. Do you know how to do that? Do you tune into your heart on a regular basis? Our heart is our best and most accurate compass from which to make decisions, but we cannot be guided by our heart if we do not tune into it and if we don't feed it. The longings and passions of our heart tie directly into our intuition, which is another reason why feeding your heart is such a big deal. So tune into your heart, figure out what it needs and wants, and be willing to feed it, in order for you to follow it where you are meant to go.

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