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Float On In The Flow

Our Divine Download for January 11, 2023 is Flow from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Allow me, Divine, to move with the Flow and respond with calmness and peace." What a beautiful message on this card - it can easily function as an affirmation or even a prayer! We are meant to go with the flow, to be in the flow, to experience flow in our lives, to allow things to flow to us and through us. There's a reason that our bodies are comprised largely of water. Where do you need flow in your life? Where are you lacking flow? Where are you feeling as though things aren't moving at all? How will you bring flow to those stuck and stagnant areas. What are you railing and raging against that you maybe can find a better way to flow with or through? When we are out of sync, out of alignment, going against the flow of our lives, we are also blocking the blessings of the universe from flowing to us. I was particularly draw to the dolphins on this card because dolphins are known to be curious and playful creatures. Where can you be more curious in your life? Where can curiosity serve you more and better? Is your lack of play blocking you from divine flow? What does play look like for you at this stage in your life? (Hint: if you don't know, it's about time you find out and have some fun doing it!) How will you prioritize play in your life to create a better flow? Being mindful of all of these things is your best bet to bring better flow back to your life and into your life. Make it a priority to better go with the flow in 2023. Let's just all float on.

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