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Flourish & Shine

Our Divine Download for May 9, 2020 is Shine from Within with the message "Looks are only skin deep - true beauty shines from within, and it's time for you to shine! This is a time for self acceptance and revealing your true beauty." and Flourish "The Lotus Flower Fairy tells you to learn from experience and shed your inner light on any unclear areas of your life, or those of others." from the Oracle of the Fairies. We're being asked to embrace our inner beauty and to spotlight our uniqueness and not to hold it back in any way, at any time. It's time to fall in love with ourselves, in a deeper more meaningful way than we ever have. To celebrate our unique abilities, talents, attributes, looks, and style. It's time to embrace our full and true glory by being unapologetically us, in all ways, in all circumstances. Any places where we might be feeling blocked or stifled in our lives, we can remove those blocks (and mountains!) by shining our true inner light on them. With all of our particular quirks and ways and flourishes. Stop judging yourself by how you look and how your looks compare to others. Start looking at yourself by looking into yourself and really seeing who you are and how damned spectacularly amazing you are! Turn up the volume in all areas of your life by allowing your inner light to shine brighter. Fill the voids within yourself and within your life by bathing them in your radiant overflowing light. Radiate your radiance. Through your own life and throughout the world.

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