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Focus on Rest & Rejuvenation

Our Divine Download for Sunday April 19, 2020 is Surrender to Rest and Sleep from the Power of Surrender Cards. We're being guided to get extra rest today, and to have no qualms or feel guilty about that at all. There's a lot going on in the world right now and a lot that we're having to deal with outside of our normal routine and a lot of energies that we're needing to deflect and protect ourselves from. And that takes a lot out of us. A LOT. These times of crisis aren't times that we simply adjust to and continue on as the machines of productivity that we have become accustomed to being. Rather, it takes a lot of energy (A LOT!) just to be right now. And that is part of the lesson. So when we are expending a lot of energy, we need a lot of rest. Being with our kids, our spouses, members of our households nearly 24/7 is a very new and different kind of job. Even in the best case scenarios, it still takes a ton of energy to be around people who we're not used to being around all of the time. Rest is the solution to all of the things that drain our energy. Rest is the anecdote to living through a trying and draining situation. Rest is essential to keep our bodies and our minds and our emotions healthy and balanced. Any time you feel out of balance or out of sorts, rest! Give yourself permission to rest and sleep. Give yourself permission to prioritize and enjoy rest and sleep. Give yourself permission to slow down and not take things at anywhere near the pace that you previously have. Give yourself permission to just be. Seek out the quiet and the stillness of rest to help rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. Cultivate a day, and better yet, a way of being, that values, honors, and promotes rest and rejuvenation.


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