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Freeing Your Communication

Our Divine Download for August 4, 2020 is Communicating Freely "I communicate from the depths of my being." from the Gateway Oracle Cards. Communication can bring healing, freedom, and can even transform your life. But not just any ol' communication, The kind of communication which are Angels speak of here is true, heartfelt, soulful communication. The type that comes from the depths of your being. There's been a lot of lip service of late being given to truth. The reality is that most truth is subjective. There is your truth, my truth, and then there is THE truth. THE truth is not based on opinions or even on science. It's bigger than that. It's based on reality and stems from the truths of the Universe (many of which have not been yet discovered by us mere mortals). It's passed down to us from our creator and we connect to it through our very origin of existence. THE truth cannot be argued or debated. It simply, beautifully is. It is that deep seeded peaceful knowingness that lives within our very souls. It is soul based and heartfelt. Successful heart centered communication occurs when we merge THE truth with our truth, our personal truths. Again, these truths, your truths, will not include opinions or anything that can be debated. Our truths include statements like "that does not work for me" or "I love her" or "I am afraid." Our truths don't include details to be defended. They are simple, our own personal set of self based fun facts. How could you change your communication with others if you approached the act of communicating centered in a balance of THE Truth and your own personal truths? How could you change your communication with others if you allowed them to communicate their own personal truths to you and you were open to listen, hear, receive, and accept them? Are there people that you need to communicate with? Are there people whom you have been withholding your communication from? How can you step up into your Divine purposeful role as a lightworker, teacher and leader, especially on the communication front? When you are centered and balanced in your truth and The Truth, others will be encouraged and inspired by this type of thoughtful heart centered communication. You are safe and protected as you communicate your soul truths from your heart space. This communication is a blessing for you and those around you.

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