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Get Growing Spiritually!

Our Divine Download for March 6, 2021 is Spiritual Growth from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Card. It's been said time and again that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But how much attention and intention do we pay to our spiritual lives or our spiritual growth? Do you make your spiritual well-being a priority? What have you done to intentionally nurture or grow your spirituality lately? And hows/ that working for you? Spirituality is probably one of the most often overlooked facets of our lives, and it's also the one which is most likely to be dropped or ignored once things become hectic or problems arise. Which is ironic, because during those challenging times that is when we need to lean into our spirituality the most. Spirituality is never one size fits all. Just as we are bio-individual and therefore are affected by and react to different things in our lives quite individually, the same is true of our spirits. Each of our spirits are beautifully unique and individual and are all on unique and personalized paths. What works for one person in terms of spirituality may not work for the next and trying to force yourself into a "one size fits all" type of spirituality is a recipe for disaster. Spirituality is also very different than religion, though those terms are often thrown around interchangeably, unfortunately. Spiritual growth is never easy or fun and is often born out of our greatest challenges and hardest experiences (and it can be hypothesized this is because we do not take the time or make the effort to prioritize spiritual growth of our own accord). Yet, it is also the type of growth that brings with it the biggest rewards and greatest sense of accomplishment. Lean into your spirituality today. Are you comfortable where you are? Is there something you'd like to learn or experience here? How are you going to do that? When are you going to get around to doing that? It's a recommended spiritual practice to set goals for your spirituality and spiritual growth each and every year, just like you would for any other area of your life. Have you set your spiritual goals yet for 2021? It's not too late! Decide where you want to be. Decide where you want to go. Decide how you want to grow. And get growing! Your spirit will thank you!

Negative experiences with religion which were veiled under spiritual practice can be some of the deepest wounds that we receive in this lifetime. Our Angels are happy to support us and guide us to heal these wounds during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session here!

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