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Gift Yourself Peace Through Compassion

Our Divine Download for November 6, 2021 is Peace Offering/White Buffalo Calf Woman from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Native Americans. She presented the Lakotas with a special pipe to amplify the power of their prayers and to bridge a connection between Earth and Heaven. You can call on her to help bring harmoney into your relationships, and also to help promote world peace. You can rest assured that this card heralds the resolution of an argument or a misunderstanding. This is your sign that those involved in the situation are ready to forgive and forget. Are you? Are you ready to let this go? Are you ready to move forward? Are you willing to do what it takes - whatever it takes - in order to promote more peace in your life and in your world? Are you willing to allow compassion into the situation? Are you willing to promote healing in your heart? Often to come to resolution and to begin healing, we need to be able to see the other person's point of view. Often this vision, this change of perspective can begin to soften any hard feelings that exist within the situation. White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds us that as we allow compassion to soften the hard edges of our feelings, the healing power of love will ensure that everyone's needs are met harmoniously. We don't have to know all of the details about how specifically this situation will be solved or resolved, because the infinite wisdom of the divine will ensure that it is. Your willingness to forgive, both others as well as yourself is the starting point for this beautiful healing and resolution. As you are working to have compassion for others, White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds you to be compassionate towards yourself as well because we are all doing the best that we can within our current circumstances. Ultimately, it feels better to do the work, the challenging work which is sometimes difficult, towards resolution, that it does to carry around the heaviness of the hurt feelings that only exist within the created conflict. Lighten your load and offer yourself the peace that you deserve.

Our Angels are also experts at promoting peace and resolving situations. When you have been carrying around hurt and resentments, sometimes it can feel daunting to put them down and move forward towards resolution. Our Angels will support us in this process during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading, and provide us with simple action steps to ease our worried minds. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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