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Give Yourself The Gift Of Now

Our Divine Download for July 14, 2022 is Now is now. Are you going to be here or not? from the Healing Cards. "A delicious question. Spend this day living fully in your reply, even if you're unable to let go of yesterday entirely. When you give yesterday more power than today, does it enhance the here-and-now?" The same question applies to tomorrow too: When yo give tomorrow more power than today, does it enhance the here-and-now? and Does it actually change the future in any way? Of course it doesn't. There is a reason that the here-and-now is called the present: because it is a gift. And it's not guaranteed. But we spend so very little time in the present. We spend copious amounts of time punishing ourselves for the past and lamenting past actions and past choices. Why? It's done and it's over with and it got you to where you are right now. Even if you don't love where you are right now, surely there is something that you can find to love about the potential of where you may get to that wouldn't be possible had you not arrived at where you are right now. It's time to let yourself off the hook and let the past go. Put the past behind you, where it belongs. We also spend far too much time worrying about what will be in the present, so much so that we deny ourselves the joy of the journey of getting to our eventual destinations. We are meant to live in joy, not suffering. We miss the joy when we are in worry or projecting into the future. What is for us will not pass us. What is meant to be will be. When we can surrender to the universal timing of these fun facts, we can stay present moment focused and allow our lives to unfold in a beautiful way and we can enjoy every single moment as we are meant to. #facts

We often disassociate from the present when we have experienced traumas and an Integrative Reiki Session is a gentle way to begin to meet ourselves again to allow us to stay present moment focused. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!


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