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Go With The Flow & Let It All Go

Our Divine Download for February 23, 2022 is River of Blessings/Releasing Constraints from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. We are being guided to literally go with the flow. When we can go with the flow, and allow ourselves to be in the flow of the river of blessings of the universe, it is in this space that the river of blessings will also wash away and remove any and all constraints that we may have previously had to receptivity and abundance. Now is the time to surrender. Now is the time to float on. Now is the time to trust that we are adequately and abundantly cared for and provided for both by Mother Earth and the whole of the Universe. If you have experienced a time of challenges, particularly pertaining to abundance, prosperity and any financial constraints, you are being put on notice that your restrictions have been largely emotional in nature. Lack of joy from the on-going tediousness of life has become and has created great limitation for you. Regardless of whether these restrictions have been recent or long-lasting (or perhaps a fun filled combo of both!), this card reveals a new powerful force flowing to your life, breaking through the most severe limitations of the past. Your difficulties and challenges have been difficult to bear because this has been a period of profound purification for you. The priestess is blessing your rebirth following your suffering, giving your the jaguar's ability to see your experience with sharp-eyed clarity and focus, allowing your to release attachments which will bring the promise of great achievement. Whatever limitation you have endured, a beneficial solution is coming your way. Rest assured that your old issues will be resolved. The river of blessings will carry you far beyond anything you may have ever imagined! Affirm: "I release attachment and restriction. I am blessed and purified, ready to receive the ever-expanding value flowing into my life." And so it is!

The Angels, like the jaguar, are laser-focused on your success. Allow them to help relieve you of the burden of attachment and restriction while buoying your faith about your assured success during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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