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Go With The Flow Of Your Feelings

Our Divine Download for April 21, 2023 is Ocean/Ebb and Flow from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. The Ocean is a powerful force in its own right, yet it is controlled by the tides, which are controlled by the moon. Both the element and representations of water as well as the moon itself are all about our emotions. This card is a sure sign that we need more fluidity within our own emotions, which in turn means less rigidity, less pushing or shoving down, less getting stuck, and less being captured and held hostage by our own emotions (stuck at sea so to speak sticking to and with our ocean metaphor). We need to be mindful not to become obsessed or overwhelmed by any particular fluctuations in mood or by any particular feeling, because the one thing that we can guarantee about emotions and about life is that this too shall pass. Good, bad, or indifferent, even when it doesn't seem like it, this too shall pass. Emotions are simply emotions. Simply feelings. Sometimes they are activated in ways which feel completely beyond our understanding, and that's okay. When we make it our focus, our intention to neither minimize nor exaggerate the intensity or the importance of our emotions, we develop a greater awareness and understanding of our own emotional nature as well as how and when to express them. This message comes to us because we have been fighting the natural ebb and flow of our own feelings, denying our hurt, anger, fear, and sorrow. When we attempt to constrict ourselves from experiencing our emotions, it is much like trying to control the tides that grow even more forceful with every attempt that mere mortals make to control them. Allow yourself to swim in and with these rolling tides rather than resisting them.

Our Angels know just how difficult it can be for us to go with the flow and they are willing to help guide us to begin to surrender control so that we may live more peaceful lives and they will gladly do so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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