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Good News Re Earthly Sustenance Is On The Horizon

Our Divine Download for July 29, 2023 is Page of Pentacles from the Golden Girls Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be considered the page of coins, page of earth, page of autumn, and page of Archangel Ariel. The suit of pentacles has to do with those things that physically sustain us on the earth plane and usually time, money, and health are the three that get the most lip service or buzz. Pages in tarot are often about messages. So this card signifies that you have good news coming in about time, money, or health (or all three). So if you've had any concerns or worries about time, money, or health (or all three) you can just go ahead and drop those worries like a hot potato. This is your reassurance that good news is on its way and that all is well. While you're at it, instead of just dropping that fear based worry energy like a hot potato, it's a wise idea for you to also take a deep, demonstrative cleansing breath and blow that energy forcefully out of and away from your person. This breath is one of the greatest tools that you have (because your breath is always with you) and you can do this on repeat as many times as you may need to get rid of that nasty worry and shush your ego-based thoughts. The suit of pentacles also ties into our root chakra which not only represents what sustains us on the earth plane, but our family of origin as well. So you could also have good news coming in on that horizon. No more worry. All is well. You are supported and sustained by the Earth and the entirety of the earth plane. Breathe that worry all the way out, and blow it away!

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