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Gratitude Is Faith In Action

Our Divine Download for November 3, 2021 is Gratitude from The Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "You attract more blessings when you appreciate your current blessings." The energy of gratitude is magnetic and healing and can move mountains of energy within your life. If you currently do not have an active gratitude practice, now is the time, and the month to start one. The energetic changes in your life snowball with a gratitude practice in the best possible way. Gratitude is the solution for so very many of our problems and challenges, even though when we are in the throws of said problems and challenges gratitude is often the last thing we want to focus on. When you have genuine appreciation for all the blessings that are in your life, your open the door for them to continue and expand. Gratitude functions as a prayers that attracts wonderful opportunities and relationships. Gratitude is also the opposite of complaining , which if you think about it, is actually a prayer of negativity that attracts even more negativity. Whoa. Read that again and let that sink in. This card asks you to acknowledge the blessings that surround you, whether material in nature, your family, even your creative work (and don't forget to show some gratitude to and for your fabulous self!) When you are thankful for tomorrow, you'll automatically erase all worries about the future. BOOM. That's pretty darned powerful right there! As gratitude always is!! Archangel Gabriel assures you that it is safe for you to open your heart to the loving experience of being grateful for what you currently have, what you have had and experienced in the past, and what you will have in the future. Gratitude is faith in action!

Self care is an act of gratitude to yourself and your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session is the perfect way to show yourself some gratitude and balance your energies allowing for gratitude to flow through your entire being with greater ease. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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