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Harness The Power of Your YES!

Our Divine Download for January 23, 2021 is YES! from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. So, yeah, you know that question that you've been wondering about? Here's your answer! And it's not just a simple "yeah" or "yes." Nope. It's a big ol' enthusiastic declaration of yes-dom, complete with an explanation point! So, yeah, you know those doubts that you've been experiencing? It is well past time to drop them like a hot potato. Because it's yes time. It's the season of yes. Your year of yes. It's all about the yes - all of the yes. Not a little yes. Not maybe, yes. Not sort of, yes. It's an all in, no holds bar, leap without looking, hellz to the YES! If you can't yet feel your yes, if you are unable to embrace the enthusiasm of this particular declaration of YES!, ask your Angels and guides to help you embrace your yes. When was the last time you received a resounding YES!? Have you ever? Did you allow yourself to receive your yes? Will you allow yourself to receive this yes, now? How often do you say yes to yourself? How often do you say yes to those around you, when you may not want to are not completely comfortable with what they are asking you to do? How often do you check in with yourself and consider if yes is truly right for you before you respond to a question? Are you an automatic yesser? Sometimes we need to actually say no to others in order to say yes to ourselves. Will you say yes to yourself in this way? Are you able to say yes to yourself in all ways? Will you allow 2021 to be your year of yes, rather than your year of no, maybe, or I don't know? Both "yes" and "no" are complete declarative sentences. Are you equally comfortable with both of those declarations without further explanation? Are you able to simply yes? The Universe is nodding at you emphatically in affirmation of your efforts and in answer to your question and in doing so, it is encouraging you to harness the power of YES! Will you?

How comfortable are you with Yes? Do you bristle at the mere mention of the word? Find out which energies may be holding you back from your full yes expression with a Flower Therapy Oracle Chakra Session. Book your session Here!


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