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Heal with Calendula & Solar Power

Our Divine Download for July 21, 2023 is Calendula/Purity from The Herbal Astrology Oracle. Calendula is a flower associated with healing, and that makes sense with it's tie-in to purity on this card. The sun is also featured as the astrological association with this card and as we move from Cancer season into Leo season tomorrow, we are at the height of the sun's summer power in the Northern Hemisphere. How much interaction have you have with the sun this year? How much appreciation have you shown for the sun lately? How much gratitude have you expressed to the sun recently? The sun is always there, sustaining us, warming us, healing us, brightening our world (literally) even on days when we cannot obviously see him because of clouds or rain. But facts: if the sun weren't there supporting us, it would be dark all the time, except for the light of the moon! You already know that you need to heal, and you already know that you are healing. Calendula is simply confirming this for us and letting us know that we have no greater partner on our quest towards healing and purity than the sun itself. Partner with the sun, partake of some calendula (most easily done in the northern hemisphere through teas, lotions, and other organic body products) and continue that healing that you have been working so hard towards. Allow the Sun to support and sustain your efforts.

Flower Therapy Healing uses flowers to help out physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies heal. It is a unique, gentle, and wonderfully sensory oriented healing modality. Plus you get to keep the flowers used during your session to continue working with them. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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