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Healer Heal Thyself

Our Divine Download for August 29, 2021 is Inner Healer from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Far too often we turn to those outside of ourselves for healing, and for validation. We ignore the profound power that we have to heal ourselves, and to connect with ourselves in a healing space. As a society, we have neglected ourselves and our bond to our inner healers so completely that we have nearly forgotten that they exist. Inner healing work is deep and profound, and there are always parts of ourselves which we need to shed just like a tree sheds it's dying leaves at the end of the growing season. It's not easy to do this shedding, and inner healing work is no joke. When we confront our own pain, and even that held within our own bodies by people and generations who have come before, we never do this work alone as we are always held by mother earth herself. We are always guided and supported by the universe in this work. Over time, the light of our inner healing work will shine forth, illuminating your gorgeous inner truths, allowing your most authentic self to shine forth as well, and illuminating your gifts and innate wisdom. This glowing light from within these healed and healing spaces naturally attracts other glow souls to you and allows you to inspire and awaken the inner healers of those you come in contact with. You are not here on this planet right now to suffer or feel pain, or to carry the unhealed patterns of the past (yours or those which have trickled down through ancestral bonds and dna). You are here to live your most whole life and allowing your inner healer to do their thing is the illuminated path towards that wholeness. Glow forth!

Sometimes the patterns of the past form energetic cords of entanglement which are too big or too thick for our inner healer to heal alone and an energetic cord cutting is needed to help remove the negative cords of attachment. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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