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Heavenly Healing

Our Divine Download for July 2, 2020 is Healing from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. There is beautiful, powerful healing energy in your life right now. You are a natural healer and your healing thoughts have manifested into form with this healing energy. A situation which has caused much concern, much distress, is on on the mend - is healing. Often times we have to release a challenge completely before it can heal because it needs space for the healing light to enter it and that space cannot exist when we hold it so tightly through our attempts at control. In order to recognize and realize that healing has occurred and that our worries our over, we must stop focusing on "what is wrong" and instead work with the affirmation "Everything is in Divine and perfect order right now." Boom. Now doesn't that feel better? Doesn't that feel easier? This card is also asking you to acknowledge and recognize your natural healing abilities and realize that the Divine works through you to heal certain situations. Have faith in your own natural healing abilities. Hold thoughts of love around any person or situation that needs healing. Empower the situation by visualizing it as healed right now. Affirm that this is. Express your gratitude to the Divine for any healings that you are affirming. Then surrender everything to the Angels, release it completely. Allow the space created in the powerful act of your surrender to be filled with glorious healing energy, love, and light. And so it is!

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