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Honor Nature's Signs

Our Divine Download for June 8, 2023 is Nature's Signs from The Oracle Of The Fairies. Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs. Truly. Even, and especially in nature. Our fairy friends are encouraging us to spend some time outside, today especially, but more often in general, to help us tune into and connect to and with the signs that naturally occur more often for us in nature. When we are grounded in nature, we don't doubt our intuition anywhere near as much. When we are grounded by and surrounded with nature, we hear better, and we see better, especially on an intuitive level. All of our senses, and most especially our clairs simply work better when we are grounded in nature. Everywhere you look when you are outside in nature, everything you hear, see, smell, touch, think, feel - it can all be a message from the universe and we are so much more open, and things are so much easier to hear when we are regularly spending time in nature. We are simply not meant to be cooped up and plugged in all day as many of us have become forced to be, or choose to be either due to our jobs or our lifestyle choices. Get outside and give yourself a spiritual tune up, and a spiritual tune in by doing so!

Nature has a special way of communicating with us and that is especially true of flowers. Experience their relaxation and their wisdom with a Flower Therapy Healing Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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