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Honor Your Inner Wisdom

Our Divine Download for December 20, 2020 is Wisdom from Oracle of the Fairies. We all have an innate inner wisdom born of our connection to the Divine. We have unlimited access to this inner wisdom all of the time. We're talking 24/7, 365 through all of the days of our life. But our ego likes to discount this inner wisdom and our society likes us to be disconnected from it. So it becomes harder for us to trust in that and even to access it over time through this constant conditioning. But we're being guided to touch in with it now. To connect to it now. We're being guided to trust our own inner wisdom above guidance that we may receive from the outside world. And through trusting our own inner wisdom, we have the ability, and truly we have the power to bring solutions to current problems we are experiencing and even to share our wisdom and help those around us find solutions to problems they are currently experiencing as well. When we tap into our inner wisdom and view the challenges in our lives through that lens, we want to make sure that we are looking through the broad view angle of the lens at the bigger picture so that we are seeing all sides of any particular issue. Our ego wants us to focus in on what is best for us, what looks best for us. However, inner wisdom is more than capable of yielding solutions which will be win-win for everyone. When our inner wisdom offers information which may help those around us, it is important for us to ask permission before cramming our wisdom or our impressions down anyone's throat as no one likes being told what to do. Sometimes it is just enough for you to sit with the knowledge of your wisdom and when and if others are interested in it they will ask you at which point you can offer it with love and without any expectation that they act in the way you are recommending. But, mostly our guidance here is to connect with our inner wisdom for ourselves. It is easiest to to so in the quiet space we create within our mediation practices. That is when and where we have the most accessibility to that wise and connected part of ourselves we are being guided to seek. What Would Wisdom Do can be your go to litmus test from which you make all decisions and take all action. Your inner wisdom will never steer you wrong and can always be trusted. Can you connect with that wise part of yourself? Can you trust her? Will you? Will you allow yourself to move forward guided by wisdom and connection? It's a much easier and more pleasant path when you do!

There can be lots of energetic debris within our chakra system which can block or muffle our connection to our inner Wisdom. You can receive simple, easy action steps to work on clearing that debris and removing those blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book Your Session Here!


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