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Honor Your Passion

Our Divine Download for January 16, 2024 is Passion from the Self-Care Wisdom Cards. Passion says "Light up your life by honoring your deepest desires." 2024 is simply not the year that is going to allow you to rest on your laurels of living a passionless life and having a passionless existence. Are you connected to your passion? Are you living your passion through your purpose? What are you passionate about? These are imperative questions for you to answer this year. There will be no more living, no more surviving, no more mere existing. It is time to go big or go home, and we do that through our passion. We talked about space a few short days ago and in doing so acknowledged that there is a finite amount of space in your life. Why would you allow that space to be taken up by or filled by anything less than something you are madly, deeply passionate about? If something is not an absolute YES! in your life,then it is a NO! and it's gotta go. There may be someone out there for which that very thing is an absolute YES! and think of how much joy you stand to bring that person, and into the world by allowing them the gift of an absolute YES! So take stock of the things in your life, ALL of the things, and get rid of that which no longer serves you. Bless it and release it. Connect with your passion and allow it to burn bright and wild in your heart and choose to live in a way in which your heart is the compass of your life and the driving force from which you make all of your decisions.

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