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Hope, Faith, and Victory!

Our Divine Download for March 28, 2021 is Crystal and Omega from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards. Crystal brings us the message "Have faith and hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can't yet see." Omega tells us "Victory! Your desire is coming to fruition. Keep up the good work!" Our victory, our success, our positive outcome, our happy ending is absolutely happening. But, we might not be able to see it just yet. This could be a matter of timing. It could also be that we are simply not meant to see it until it happens. It is also possible that our victory, our success, our positive outcome, our happy ending might simply look a little bit different than we thought it would so we do see it, but we don't yet recognize it. The important piece is to hold onto faith and hope, really lean into your most faithful and your most hopeful places, because the Universe and your Angels are absolutely assuring you that it is happening. These are not cards of possibility or change, but cards of certainty and absolutes. Sometimes we do not see how close we are to our proverbial finish lines, or the full scope of what is on the horizon because we are working so hard with our heads down rather than looking up and out. Sometimes this happens because we've been so worn down through the process that we're working on or through that we rarely look up or pick our heads up anymore. But it's time to allow faith and hope to uplift us just enough so that we can pick our heads up and take a longer, further look out towards that horizon. Worst case scenario: it'll be a lovely and affirming change of scenery. Best case scenario: you may see just how close you truly are to that victory. When you are feeling hopeless and faithless, it can be helpful to use some hope and faith based affirmations. Even the messages on these cards serve as excellent affirmations and reminders that it is all very much happening, in the best possible way. So fake it til you make it using affirmations to get you where you want to go. Have hope. Hold faith. Victory is very much upon you!

When life circumstances have been difficult or challenging for a longer period of time or over the course of a particular cycle, it can feel damn near impossible to have faith, hope, or to believe that things can, much less will, actually work out in your favor. Your Angels can give you simple, quick, easy to do Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading which can lift your out of that hopeless, faithless place and propel you towards your victory. Book your session here:


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