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How Dynamic Are Your Relationships?

Our Divine Download for Wednesday May 6, 2020 is Relationship Dynamics from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. This card is indicative that there have been, or that there need to be, some shifts and changes in one or more of your relationships. You cannot grow and change, in a society that is growing and changing (for better or for worse...) and expect that your relationships will remain the same. There are no constants in life. Well. except for change;)Shifting and changing relationship dynamics do not have to be a bad or a negative thing. When we allow others the grace and space to transform, grow, and evolve themselves, they honor us and our relationship in return. Sometimes they may even grow with us, or in a similar direction. Allow your relationships to stretch their wings and to grow and fly, free of the confines of the illusion and struggle of control. Don't forget that the most important relationship that you have is the one that you have with yourself. Perhaps there are some dynamics with that relationship which need to be tweaked, addressed, or even discovered. Don't lose yourself within the relationship dynamics with others so that you neglect your own feelings and your own needs. While relationships do require compromise, you cannot deny your own comfort and your own happiness within any relationship if it is to succeed long term. As you change and evolve, within the cycles of endings and beginnings, all of your relationships will be affected in some way. It is essential for you to maintain healthy boundaries and healthy balance within all of your relationships, especially as you continue to transform. The healthiest relationships strive to grow together, knowing that change is a constant in life. It's time to take a look at the relationship dynamics in your life and honestly assess where those dynamics might need to shift or change.


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