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It's ALL Good! (Especially YOU!)

Our Divine Download for May 13, 2023 is Watched Over from Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. This is our absolute guarantee that we are safe and divinely protected. Mother Mary gently encourages us and reminds us "I allow myself to feel safe and enjoy my life, knowing that heaven is watching over my loved ones and me." So there you have it. Not only are we divinely protected, but whoever you may be worried about right now in your life or in your inner circle, they're good too. Because they too are watched over. They too are divinely protected. And you know what, should that worry creep up on you, all you have to so is to ask your Angels to please protect your loved on (and/or yourself) and so they will. And then you can go ahead and exhale that worry. Breathe it ALL the way out. This is also a confirmation for us that our loved ones on the other side are also doing a-ok, and even better, they are part of our spiritual support and protection team. Mother Mary is letting us know that we may sense or feel the presence of our deceased loved ones a bit more acutely or intimately right now either because we need them, or because they want to be with us. Being watched over from the whole of heaven and having access to our entire spiritual support team doesn't guarantee that nothing bad or frustrating will happen to us, but what it does guarantee is that we have divine protection and extra support when those wordly frustrations do indeed arise. What a beautiful and powerful thing to hold on to.

Our Angels know that sometimes we doubt and have trouble connecting with those who are watching over us and that it is easy to feel anything but protected in our chaotic and often troublesome and even violent world. They are happy to reassure us of their presence and help us connect to those who are watching over us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your SESSION TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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