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Just Play Already!

Our Divine Download for July 29, 2020 is Play Time! from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. It's time for a break. A fun break. A play break! It's time to entertain your inner child for a bit and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It's time for some laughter and lighthearted moments. It's time to let your spirit be free and your heart soar. And it's not optional. Each and every one of us can spare a couple of moments, a few minutes today to simply play. To simply be in the moment and enjoy being alive. To allow ourselves to be in joy. Each and every one of us has a few moments each day to discover what it means to us to play at this stage in our lives (because play, like so many things, evolves and changes, and we don't usually keep track of how because we're so dang disconnected from this vitally important life force energy.) When we have become seriously disconnected from the energy of play over a long period of time (which sadly, is not uncommon), it can seem daunting or impossible to reconnect or begin to figure that out again. But, it all starts with taking an honest look at each and every thing in your life throughout your says and asking "does this bring me joy?" Because if you truly do not know what brings you joy and what does not, how can you possibly know what you like and what you dislike, and therefore how can you recognize what it feels like to play and do things that you like and allow you to be intimately connected with joy? Play does not have to look any one particular way. What is enjoyable and joyful and fun to one person does not necessarily have to be the same for others. Play and joy are unique to each individual and they are important and nurturing energies to allow ourselves to experience. It's time not just to play, but to discover or rediscover the beauty of what that means to you. It's time to prioritize play! How will you play today???

The Angels LOVE the lighthearted energy of play and they would LOVE to help encourage you to discover your favorite new ways to play during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading: Book A Session!


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