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Keep On Keepin' The Faith

Our Divine Download for January 7, 2021 is Keep The Faith from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes. Faith is one of my absolute favorite words. It evokes a full body sign of release simply reading the word. The word itself acts as a reminder from the Universe to do and have exactly what it says: faith. Faith is defined as "complete trust or confidence in someone or something" and strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof." The two places that I see people get hung up the most is on the idea of God because there are so very many connotations there, not all of the good, and in the act of believing in something in the absence of proof. God can be defined however feels right or true to you. God, the Universe, the Force Within - there are no absolutes, no rights or wrongs. It is simply the idea of believing in something other than yourself. Even if it does not resonate with you to believe in something or someone larger than yourself, you can choose to define God or this focus of belief in the energetic connection that exists between all people and all things on our planet. But that absence of proof part. Yeah. That can be a toughie for a lot of people. Some people get caught up on the idea that they can't believe in things that they cannot see. But I call shennanigans there because all of those same people believe in gravity and they can't see it. Ah yes, but they can see the evidential proof that gravity is working because they are not floating away into space. True. But, we can also see the effects that faith has in our world each and every single day. We can see the value that it adds to the lives to those who choose to believe. Sometimes we like to play a game with whatever or whoever we believe in and only demand proof when we're going through something challenging or are in crisis. Yeah, that's not really every go