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Lean Into Your Feelings

Our Divine Download for June 12, 2020 is Honor and Trust Your Feelings from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Human emotions are complicated things. We probably spend more time trying to figure them out than we do doing many other things. So many times we end up thinking about our emotions, rather than feeling them and allowing them to flow through us, as they are meant to. What's worse, we think about our emotions holding them in the harsh glaring light of judgement. We add labels to our emotions without realizing that in doing so we're wrapping them in judgement. None of that honors our feelings. How can we trust our feelings, our emotions, which serve such a very important purpose, if we don't honor and accept them? These are not necessarily easy things to do. Many of us were not raised in environments or by people who taught us that's okay or modeled this behavior for us. And Lord knows we don't exactly live in a society that makes space for acceptance and honoring of feelings. If anything, society tells us to minimize and ignore our feelings and does so very many things to devalue them. Which isn't good for anyone! Archangel Michael, our staunch protector is here to help us change all of that. He is encouraging us to connect (or reconnect) with our feelings in a place of honor and acceptance. He is encouraging us to simply acknowledge how we feel as a jumping off point. Better yet, acknowledge how you feel with some acceptance thrown in, i.e. "I'm really angry right now, and that's okay." Because it is. Whatever you feel, however you feel, it's okay. The more we can acknowledge and process those feelings, the less chance we have of acting out of an inappropriate place of sadness, anger, frustration, or fear. It's okay to feel those things, but we always want to try to sit with those emotions and process through so that we're expressing our emotions and actually acting from either a neutral place or a place of love. When we fight our feelings, judge them, and label thing, it can lead to impulsive actions as we try to suppress them. Breathe through the uncomfortable feelings with Archangel Michael's support, and act from a clearer place of better balance.

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