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Let Go And Be Real

Our Divine Download for October 11, 2022 is Full Moon in Aquarius/Be Real from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Aquarius is one of the most unique thinkers of all of the air signs and all of the zodiac really. Sometimes Aquarian thinking, of which we are all capable, can cause us to pursue someone or something for all the wrong reasons. And then our ego gets involved, and before we know it, we're driving ourselves crazy by chasing something that may not even be right for us. This card reminds us that sometimes we just need to let go (there's that full moon release thing again!) and worry less and trust more. Life is about fun and laughter, and we are literally here to enjoy life, to be in joy, and you'll suck all of the fun out of it if you spend too long in your head rather than in your heart. You might win, but it might not be a great victory when you follow this path. Release. Find a balance between being real and trying to please all of the people all of the time. Find a balance between being real and trying to figure all of the things and all of the people out all of the time. Your manifestation affirmation is "The truth empowers me and sets me free!" Because real is always built on the back of the truth. The best time time to work your manifestation magic of release is when the moon is in Aquarius or on a Saturday (which is Saturn's day, who rules Aquarius).

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