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Let Go & Relax, Relax & Let Go

Our Divine Download for April 14, 2021 is Let Go from The Magical Messages from The Fairies Oracle Cards. Hmmmmm. This message shares some very similar themes to yesterday's message. Yesterday we were told to take it easy and reminded that things come so much easier to us when we aren't pushing our own agendas so hard. Today, we're being told to let go. The fairies tell us "As you surrender your need to control. your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires." Wait, what?! When we can learn to relax and let go, what we want actually comes to us on hyper speed! The act of relaxing and letting go isn't a delay, but rather a fast forward button on us getting what we've been waiting for. So often we fall into thinking that we have to keep working, keep struggling, keep pushing (pushing, pushing, pushing!), and only then, one day we *might* be rewarded for all of our hard work. We erroneously think that if we relax and just chill out a bit, take even the littlest of little breaks, that we're causing delays to our plans, our wishes, and our desires. Yet, it turns out the opposite is true! Our fairies don't just want us to take it easy, though that is always good practice. They want us to let go completely. They want us to surrender. They want us to relax into the possibilities and the unlimited potential of the Universe, secure in the knowledge and the belief that the more we can relax and let go, the more we will reap the results of our relaxation. And the faster we'll see those results! How can you let go? What can you let go of? Which situations in your life are calling to you to surrender? (Hint: those situations in which you feel stuck and delayed are probably a great place to start!) How do you feel about the idea of letting go? How well are you able to relax? Is relaxation something that you prioritize regularly in a meaningful way? Because it should be. It *needs* to be. You know what they say about all work and no play. Not only does it make us dull, but apparently it also slows down our ability to attract our own desires. Oops. So it's not just "relax, you've got this," but rather "relax, because the Universe has got this!" Now there's a relaxing thought. Let go and surrender to the power of the Universe!

It can be challenging to let go, especially when we've been holding on so tightly for so long. Help yourself to relax, in order to aid your relaxation with an Integrative Reiki Session. Book your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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