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Let It Go

Our Divine Download for January 27, 2022 is the Queen of Air from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, the Queen of Air is known as the Queen of Swords, Queen of Winter, and the Queen of Archangel Michael. The Queen of Air sort of gets a bum rap because she is definitely a woman who knows her own mind. It would be fair to say that frankly some even consider her a downright bitch. But, she is merely headstrong and definitive in her opinions and her opinions are rooted strongly in her unwavering knowledge of herself and what she needs, and what is best for her. I have heard her referred to as the "Feng Shui Queen" or even the "Garage Sale Queen" because she is so steadfast in getting rid of anything and everything that does not work for her or no longer serves her. I personally like to think of her like the queen in Alice in Wonderland who runs around screaming "off with her head!" because that is the kind of strong, decisive energy she imbibes. She wants to empower us to be as decisive and headstrong in our own lives, getting rid of anything that does not bring us joy or no longer serves us. She also encourages us to find the humor in the situations that we observe and even those that we find ourselves involved in. There is great power when we can laugh at theses situations and from that power is where we draw our own strength. The Angel Message from the Queen of Air is "Our advice? Laugh. That's right! Find the humor in any situation and laugh it off. You're experienced, wise, and capable - there simply isn't anything you can't do. So don't let challenging situations or negative people get to you. (You know more than they do, anyway.)"

When you're looking at what does and doesn't bring you joy and what no longer serves you, don't forget to look at the energies stored in your body! An Integrative Reiki Session will roto-rooter out any stagnant or latent energies which are no longer serving you in a gentle and relaxing way. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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