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Let Those Friendships In

Our Divine Download for February 28, 2021 is Friendship from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. Last year, between the pandemic and subsequent lock down, and the astrology at play, was very much a year of turning inward and looking and and figuring out ourselves in a much deeper, bolder, more meaningful way. But, we have seen signs in 2021, that it's time to bring other people back into our lives and our spaces in a heartfelt and meaningful way. There is work that we need to do right now and growth that we are being tasked with, for which we need the help and involvement of others. All relationships involve an energy exchange as well as an emotional exchange, and we are being reminded to be aware of the type of energy exchange we are feeling within all of our relationships and to make necessary adjustments so that the friendships and relationships in our lives are positive, supporting, uplifting, and sustaining. It's time to open ourselves up just a little bit more and to allow others in. No man (or woman) is an island. As spiritually minded and guided people, we tend to connect more deeply with others than most, but the flip side of that coin is that we can also be more closed off. Take an honest assessment of the state of the relationships in your life. Do you need to reach out more, or do you need to withdraw from others and turn inward more often? Sometimes our past experiences with friends or other relationships can leave negative feelings and energies that linger in our own energy fields and make it difficult for us to reach out to others, or to let others in. However, the old adage "that was then, this is now" has simply never been more accurate than it is now. Coming up on the year anniversary of the initial pandemic lock downs, it is safe to say that for better or for worse, none of us (NONE of us!) are the same people who we were a year ago. We've all shifted, we've all changed. And we need to allow others the grace and space and the benefit of the doubt to shift and change as well. So be mindful of the states of your relationships. Be mindful of the changes that you are being guided to make within them. Embrace a willingness to allow for growth and change in both self and others. Be willing to branch out and allow others in. We need each other right now more than ever.

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