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Liberate Yourself Through Forgiveness

Our Divine Download for February 5, 2023 is Mbokomu/Soul Forgiveness from the African Goddess Rising Oracle. Forgiveness is one of those things that I can literally hear the collective groans and see the eye rolls each and every time that it comes up. Forgiveness is misunderstood. Forgiveness has gotten a bum rap over the years is so that we collectively seem to think that it is about other people and their words or actions. It is absolutely, positively not. Forgiveness is a choice. It is OUR choice. It is an empowered choice in which we choose not to allow the negative energies of the unkind or harsh words or actions of others to take up energetic space within our sphere of being rent free. It allows us to take our power back. Who do you need to forgive? Let it go and reclaim yourself. (Yeah, forgiveness is THAT big of a deal that when you choose to exercise forgiveness you DO reclaim yourself and your power!) Forgiveness is a gift of freedom for you, from you. You can't rush forgiveness. You have to feel it in order to heal it (yeah, that part kind of sucks). Feel the pain, hurt, grief, rage, and despair. Feel whatever else comes up for you. But feel it and then let it flow through you. Make the conscious choice to let it go rather than to hold it and become stuck in it. Take the time you need with your heart. Forgiveness is a higher-vibration frequency than the pain you must allow yourself to feel your way through. Unforgiveness colors your world with lack,mistrust and resentment. You start to see everything through victim-colored glasses. Forgiveness does not have to include reconciliation if that is not the healthy or appropriate choice for you right now, or ever. Start with self-forgiveness because all of our important and deep emotional work always starts within. Say out loud "I forgive myself with love." Say it and feel your way through it until your energy aligns with this reality. Your Goddess Declaration is "I forgive and free myself. I forgive and free others."

Sometimes negative energetic cords of attachment can result from dynamics in which forgiveness is overdue. Forgiveness is a part of an Energetic Cord Cutting and allows you to sever the negative cords of attachment others may have formed to you while freeing yourself and preserving any positive attachments which may still exist within those dynamics. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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