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Look Out For Opportunity & Embrace Change

Our Divine Download for January 12, 2021 is Opportunity And Change from The Angel Guide Oracle. Change is one of those words that usually causes a collective groan. Humans, just like most creatures, do not like change. Even though we are as adaptable, if not more so to change than most creatures. Change is a natural part of life. In the Northern Hemisphere we see it clearly and acutely through the changes of the seasons. Even in tropical climates, there are still seasons, there are still rhythmic and cyclical changes. And change is an opportunity. Change is always an opportunity for growth, if nothing else. But change is also an opportunity to embrace and experience the new. Change is an opportunity not to have our lives be like the movie Groundhog Day. Change can be our do-over or our start over. Sometimes we get so hung up on our discomfort or our dislike of change that we forget that opportunity and change almost always go hand in hand. We may ask the Universe for new or different opportunity, but then resist what is offered because we are resisting the change. Just the words "new" and "different" denote the necessity of change within these opportunities. We don't usually hear about "old" or "dated" or "same" opportunities. There's a reason for that. What opportunities might be available to us if we're simply open to the possibility of change? What changes are we willing to make in order to fully embrace the opportunities that we are offered? The Universe is asking us to embrace the marriage of opportunity and change and to be on the look out for any and all opportunities which we are presented, as well as to be open to and willing to make any changes that are asked of is. Sometimes making certain changes will lead to further opportunities so it can be a bit hard to tell within the marriage of opportunity and change which came first. But opportunity and change are coming. They're here for you now. Will you accept them? Will you embrace them? Will you allow them to unfold as they are meant to in your life?

An Annual Predictive Multi-deck reading can give you a preview as to what opportunities you may have coming up month by month for the coming year as well as what changes you are lovingly being guided to make by the Universe. Book Yours Today!


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