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Love You For The Miracle You Are!

Our Divine Download for May 9, 2021 is Mary Magdalene/Unconditional Love and Mother Mary/Expect a Miracle from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. I was so tickled when I realized how very perfect this reading was for Mother's Day! Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary are the embodiment of unconditional love and divine feminine energy, of nurturing, and supporting, of miraculous energy, and all of the things that we celebrate in all mothers today. Regardless of whether we have our own biological children, or step children, or children whom we view as ours, children whom we love, or fur children, regardless of whether we are male or female through biology or identification, we all have the ability and the desire to love unconditionally. It begins with us learning to love ourselves that way. To freely give unconditional love is one of our birth rights as human beings. But it's not always quite so easy when we live in a conditional society or are from a family or origin that deals only in conditions. It all starts with us. With learning to love ourselves unconditionally, to celebrate the divine feminine energy within us and around us. So right here, right now, show yourself some love. No matter what. Love yourself regardless of all of the reasons you have used as justifications to withhold love and acceptance from yourself in the past. Love yourself *because* of those reasons! Your uniqueness, your individuality, your talents, your gifts, and yes, all of the perceived flaws that are unique to you are part of what makes you so darned amazing and so darned lovable. And you ARE! You truly are. In this space of learning to love ourselves unconditionally, our greatest miracles will be born and realized. Loving yourself creates a vibration which attracts miracles and miraculous solutions are able to take root and grow. You don't have to get the whole love yourself unconditionally thing exactly right for these miracles to be drawn to you and experienced - there is always plenty of room for grace and space within the arena of loving yourself unconditionally. They are here, they are yours, and they are waiting for you. So love yourself to love them into your current reality.

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