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Magical Blessings!

Our Divine Download for May 13, 2020 is Magical Blessings "Whatever you are going through, you're being assisted by magical fairy blessing. The fairies say that you can bless others too" from the Fairy Oracle Cards. This card puts you on notice that you are not only blessed, but that you are magically bless and divinely supported right now (think Midas touch!) What those magical blessings and divine support may look like in your life is up to how you define it. But, the

fairies are letting you know that if you are feeling disconnected from their blessings, their magic, and their support, you have the power and the ability to turn these up in your life by playing fairy godmother to others. The more of your magic you share with others, the more magic you will tangibly notice in your own life. The more blessings you bestow upon others, the more blessings you will have the ability to receive. The more support you lend to others, the more support you will receive in your own life. By sharing your magic, blessings, and support with others, you focus your attention there in order to allow their manifestation in your own life. Divine support exists for you in all situations, but especially those in which you really might feel as though you need extra support, whether or not you choose to see or notice it, kinda like gravity. Gravity is always present, even when we don't pay it any attention and usually take it for granted. None of us have yet to float off into space. In the same way, we are always divinely supported. But it is usually when we are least capable of seeing or feeling that divine support that we need it most. These are the moments when we can turn up the volume on that support by lending our support and our assistance to others because the act of doing so is a mirror to that which we have in our own lives. Our fairies want us to feel magically blessed and divinely supported. They want us to experience this joy and this peace and this ease that comes with this knowledge, this certaintude, this state of being. If you are struggling to see and feel connected to these magical blessings and this support, please ask for their assistance in experiencing this connection. And know, that this card comes to you as a sign, and as an assurance, that even more (MORE!) magical blessings and greater divine support is heading your way!


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