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Miraculous Possibilities

Our Divine Download for May 19, 2023 is Rita of Cascia/The Patroness of Impossible Causes from The Divine Feminine Oracle. She brings us the message "I am miraculous. My prayers create powerful channels of possibility." She asks us to consider "What do I believe is possible for my life?' She isn't about suffering or martyrdom. She is about the miracles that happen when we choose to be steadfast about something or someone. Are you willing to consider that there may be more to your life, or for you life than what you have currently experienced? Are you willing to pray, and to lean into the belief of the power and possibility of miracles? Are you willing to allow Rita of Cascia to work on your behalf? When was the last time that you were truly steadfast about something or someone? What does that even mean to you? For you? It's not abut staying in a situation that is harmful to us (regardless as to whether that harm is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). It is more about knowing that we can choose to believe that anything is possible and that everyone is ultimately forgivable. Forgiveness isn't about someone else, it's about freeing ourselves. Are we willing to allow ourselves the miracle of freeing ourselves through the path of forgiveness? Are we willing to consider, or reconsider how we define miracles to ensure that our definition is not so narrow as to prevent them from actually showing up in our lives? We are supported now and in alignment for a truly miraculous time. Choose to make the most of it. Because nothing is impossible.

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