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Mother Yourself Through Nurturing

Our Divine Download for June 7, 2021 is Earth Mother "Feel Loved and Comforted" from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards. This is a beautiful message from the Earth herself that we are experiencing extra love and protection right now. Mother Earth reminds us that we are all her most beloved children, and asks that we allow ourselves to be cherished and nurtured. We are being protected by a shield of her love and light. If you have recently felt emotionally overwhelmed, or even out of control, you are moving back towards your natural center and Mother Earth is happy to help us become more grounded, and solidly rooted in her to allow us to regain a sense of our own strength. We are in the process of gaining more clarity and more openness. How have you been nurturing yourself lately? Are you able to be supportive and nurturing to others? By connecting with Mother Earth, she will help us to embody her natural energies of nurturance and support, allowing us to break the cycles of the past relating to divine feminine energies. If you have in the past experienced challenges with your mother, mother figures, your role as a mother or nurturer, know that the energies of mother healing are here for you now to help you clear any blockages to making and fully experiencing these sacred connections. Mother Earth asks us to see ourselves, and each other, as her children of light, which we all are by nature. She encourages us to make any decisions, and all observations through the eyes and by the compass of love. She asks us to tune in and hear her gentle whispers as she guides us in thought and action as to how we can best nurture ourselves, each other, and our physical planet, her embodiment.

Flowers are one of Mother Earth's biggest blessings and they have the most magical healing energy within them. Experience this lovely gentle energy of Flower Therapy Healing with a Flower Therapy Healing Session, where you even get to keep the flowers used during your session! Book Your Session Today:

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