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Move Yourself

Our Divine Download for January 29. 2020 is Bloodstone from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck. Bloodstone brings us the message "Get up, Get moving." Many of us crave momentum in our lives, especially after many areas of our life may have felt stuck or stalled due to the pandemic. But how much are we prioritizing literal physical movement in order to gain and build momentum? Movement is momentum. Movement is a connection to and a celebration of life force energy within our physical bodies. Movement is necessary for not only our physical well-being, but for our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being too. Movement serves to cleanse and balance our energies. How do you prioritize movement in your life? Where does movement and activity place on your list of priorities? What are you allowing to distract you from regular active movement? How can you incorporate movement into your daily life? How can you achieve a better balance of activity and stillness in your life? If you want to go forward, if you want to level up your life in any area, you must be willing to take movement. It truly is as simple as that. Movement does not have to feel challenging or painful. What is one thing you can do today to get your blood pumping for a few minutes? What types of movement do you enjoy? What movement is your body craving? Bloodstone offers us the affirmation "Joyous movement energizes me." What does joyous movement mean to you? When was the last time your experienced movement which was joyous? Will you allow yourself to do so today? It doesn't matter how you move. It doesn't matter what you look like while you move. It doesn't matter the quality or the extent of the movement. All that matters is that you move. So get to it. Get moving!

Often times we have blocks and challenges to physical movements when we have energies which are stuck in our bodies and are blocking our movements. Balance these energies with a 60 Minute Integrative Reiki Session so that you can experience better ease of movement through your life. Book your session Here!


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