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Not Now Doesn't Mean No

Our Divine Download for June 6, 2023 is Wait For Winter from the Oracle of The Fairies. The Byrds told us that to everything there is a season and those seasons turn (to brutally paraphrase their infamous lyrics!) and right now our fairy friends are telling us that there is something you are endeavoring to do, to start, to manifest, or to push forward, and it isn't quite ready yet. You will be better served to allow this something to rest, as that is what we are supposed to do in the winter, hibernate. It could be that there is too much going on for you to take one one more thing or one more project. It could be that the world isn't ready to be receptive to your something just yet. It could simply be that the astrology will be more supportive in the winter. The reason doesn't matter. Be clear that this isn't the fairies or the universe telling you "no." It is simply them saying "hold on for a moment, because better timing will yield better results." Why wouldn't you want to wait when you are practically guaranteed a better outcome by doing so?! Notice those areas in your life where you feel like you just keep hitting obstacles and road blocks. It may be that these alleged obstacles or roac blocks are merely trying to redirect you to a path of more serendipitous timing. Breathe, focus on other things, and wait til winter for fabulous results.

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