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Nourish Yourself, Nourish Your Life

Our Divine Download for May 1, 2022 is Corn Woman/Nourishment from The Goddess Oracle Cards. Corn Woman puts us on notice that it is time to nourish ourselves. Eating is a sacred act and so much of that has become lost over time and through generations. In fact, eating is often seen as a chore or even something to be feared or dreaded, even avoided. When we treat eating in this manner, we lose our connection to Mother Earth, provider and ultimate nurturer of all that we eat, and we also lose our connection to ourselves and to the sacred act of nourishing our own bodies. Do you fear food? Does just looking at food make you feel guilty or as though your are gaining weight? Are you too busy, too stressed, too involved with more important things to nourish yourself properly? Do you nourish others but not yourself? Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? What does it mean to you to nourish yourself? How can food play a central role in that self-nourishment? How can you be more mindful with your relationship with food? How can you better connect with what your body wants and needs? Whatever your relationship with food has been prior to this point in your life, Corn Woman says that on this first day of this new month, shift that relationship and prioritize self-nourishment through proper nutrition and enjoying the process of nourishing yourself through eating. It is time for you to come into your right relationship with food. It is time for you to learn to nourish yourself and your body properly.

Often times issues with food, eating, and nourishment, aren't even ours originally, but were handed down to us through the cellular memory of our ancestral DNA from our family of origin. But we can cut those negative cords of attachment with an Energetic Cord Cutting in order to allow ourselves to develop new and healthier patterns. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today:


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