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Open Your Mind To Unlimited Potential

Our Divine Download for February 17, 2021 is Keep And Open Mind from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Your soul mate may differ from your usual type and expectations." But isn't this true of everything in life? Expectations and the rules we set for ourselves and our experience keep us bound within the limits and confines of our own minds and our own past experiences upon which our expectations are built. And that's simply no good! These is SO much more out there for us - in EVERY area of our lives, well beyond what our limited minds can conceptualize and expect. Why would be want to limit ourselves and our experiences in this way? How many times have you overlooked the potential of a person or a situation because they differed from your expectations or from a particular role or type you had deemed acceptable? What could you have lost out on in those scenarios? How's it been working for you to stay bound by the narrowness of your own expectations? Even the concept of trust which we discussed ad nauseam yesterday, can be defined and narrowed by our own expectations if we allow it to be. When we can open our minds to all the possibilities (ALL!), and we can accept that sometimes the possibilities and the outcomes will not only turn out well, but better than we expect, and in different, but better ways that we expect, beautiful things can and do happen. We can tell the Universe that we trust that all will resolve in a bigger, better, bolder way than those scenarios that we imagine. We can trust that we don't have to expect how the exact outcome or resolution will look or when it will appear. We can stop sabotaging ourselves by expecting to know and trying to anticipate everything, therefore expecting it to play out exactly as we think that it should. There is SO much beautiful potential in keeping an open mind and being willing and able to embrace the unknown. Challenge yourself to see where you can drop the guard of expectations in your own life. Challenge yourself to see how much and how far you can open to unlimited potential with your open mind.

Conditioned trauma responses can settle into our bodies and cause us to develop patterns of hyper vigilance which can cause us to really root into our worst case scenario expectations as a defense mechanism, which then blocks and limits our perceptions and our ability to fully receive. See which gentle, easy action steps you can take to decondition some of those trauma responses with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book your Session Here!

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