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Overall Balance Over Time

Our Divine Download for March 9, 2021 is Balance from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Balance has been an underlying energetic theme for a while. It can be difficult, and even feel impossible, to find balance in the midst of a global pandemic. When the energy of the macrocosm is so unbalanced, it is difficult to find the energy of balance within ourselves and to make choices which promote balance. When we're experiencing pandemic related fatigue that stems from all that has changed and all that we've feared, and all that we've experienced in the past year, it can be difficult to balance and prioritize rest. And it can be difficult to balance the motivation to do much of anything else. And it can be difficult to balance judgement of self with motivation. None of this is easy as the days stretched into weeks which stretched into months and are now coming up on a year. But that is where balance comes in. Balance in this sense asks us to look at the big picture of our lives rather than the smaller moments. It asks us to consider balance overall rather than day to day. Balance reminds us that we exist in a balanced world and one where opposites naturally balance each other out. Where there is dark, there must also be light. Where there is pain and hurt, there must also be healing. Where there is judgement, there is also acceptance. Where there is work, there must also be play. Where there is activity, there must also be rest. And so on. The same is very much true for us and in our daily lives. We may not necessarily achieve balance in all things each day. But, when we prioritize balance and we intend to live balanced lives, we will achieve balance overall as we string our days together. So give yourself a break, will ya? Think macrocosm, not microcosm. Focus on what you can do each day to promote your well being and reach towards balance. Listen to your body, and respond accordingly and appropriately. Meet yourself where you are at emotionally with acceptance. Listen to the longings of your soul. These quiet whispers will act as your map towards a balanced life. Follow that may when you are able, and let it be during those times you are not. Prioritizing balance gives us permission to just be where we are. After all, it's really not such a bad place to be.

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