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Patience & Endurance will Yield Amazing Results

Our Divine Download for July 24, 2023 is Horsetail/Patience from The Herbal Astrology Oracle. Oh boy. I said the "p" word, patience, and right at the onset of Leo season (when patience usually isn't an attribute most of us have). But did you realize that there is great power that lies within patience? There is also endurance to be gained through the hidden blessings of challenges. There is something good in all seeming failures. Although what that is might not be clear in the moment, time will reveal it. Trust the process. Trust that the universe saying to you "not now" does not mean "not ever." Sometimes it really just means "hang tight, because I've got something even better in store for you." Stubbornness and willfullness are counterproductive to loosening knots. Instead, like the medicine of Horse, ground to the Earth's energy and adapt to changes or potential hardships on the journey. Horse medicine provides us heightened sensitivity and the purity of trust, both of which are essential tools as we navigate life's journey. Invoke the strength of Horse as a power animal when you need increased psychic sensitivity and intuition. Horsetail is the sole-surviving genus of a once great lineage and prehistoric horsetail is said to have been giant compared to the species that remain today. If horsetail has the endurance and strength to withstand the bonds of time, certainly we possess the patience to weather whatever would-be storms life tosses in our path.

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