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Pause In Your Transition and Consider Your Shift

Our Divine Download for April 27, 2022 is The Shift from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Our lives and our personal development is cyclical, just like the seasons and all of the other many cycles that we see in nature. Transitioning from who you are to who you are becoming is a gradual process, just as is the letting go of and integration of who you've been. This card often comes up when you are at a crossroads: perhaps you feel ready to move toward something bigger, but there are many paths you could take, because your life is filled with transformative potential. It's always hard to know exactly which direction to go and it can be difficult to take that first step. In times of transition, it can be helpful to be still in the transition and to allow yourself to take the opportunity to look before you leap. You have a unique ability to gain additional clarity right now before making any decisions or committing to any forward movement. Allow yourself the grace of space to review all of your options, thoroughly, making sure that they are in alignment with your beliefs, values, and goals. Don't forget to call on your Angels and Guides - they're literally waiting for you to do so! Sometimes stillness and review can bring up feelings of anxiousness and vulnerability, so be gentle with yourself should these feelings come up during this very pregnant pause. Sooner than you think, this transitional phase will pass, the shift will take hold, and the path forward will become clear.

Our Angels are uniquely skilled at supporting us during times of shift and change. Check in with them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and allow them to support you. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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