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Peaceful Processes

Our Divine Download for June 6, 2020 is Peace featuring Archangel Chamuel from the Archangel Oracle Cards. For many, peace has been difficult if not possible to obtain lately. We certainly do not live in a world that strives to support peace, regardless of the lip service it may receive from time to time. Peace is something that must be cultivated individually, from within. So how on Earth do we do that when there are so very many reasons and so very many things that seem to be functioning as obstacles and blocks to our peace. First, we need to recognize that peace is not the absence of trouble, or the absence of noise, or the absence of hard work, but just as that infamous quote of unknown origin suggests it means to be calm in our hearts in the midst of these things. Calm and peace are a choice. It's a choice not to tune into the noise and the chaos of the outer world and the media. It's a choice to focus first on self care and to take action only with regards to those things which are within our circle of influence (and to choose not to become agitated, worried, or upset about those things which are not within our circle of influence). Peace comes from making those choices which support our ongoing and continued peace. It stems from allowing ourselves to surrender to and be supported by the flow of energy in the Universe. Peace is cultivated when we recognize and focus on our life purpose and do not allow the chaos and noise to distract us from that purpose and from the hard, but rewarding work of our life's mission. Peace comes from connectedness because connectedness allows us to feel the infinite support of the Universe, it reminds us that we are loved and loving children of the Divine. Peace goes hand in hand with our true innate power because when we are in peace we are at our most connected and thus our most powerful. Honestly assess what you are allowing to come between you and your powerful birth right of peace. Make the necessary changes accordingly. Archangel Chamuel will help you with this process if you call on his gentle, loving, peaceful energy.

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