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Persevere Towards Achievement

Our Divine Download for November 7, 2023 is Yew/Idho from The Green Man Tree Oracle with the Green Man Wisdom: Perseverance leads to achievement. The perseverance associated with the yew is that all of life, which continues in the face of overwhelming odds and grows stronger because of it. Much of yew's symbolism is concerned with transcendence, the transformation that arises from death. But don't freak out, because this isn't a literal death, but similar to the concepts of the Tower card in Tarot or the energies of Lord Pluto, it is a proverbial death which allows the phoenix to rise from the ashes and gives us an opportunity to rebuild. Death does not necessarily mean physical ending here - more the end of the way of life and rebirth into a new one - so if you are contemplating some deep and lasting change in your life, this card is especially timely. The kind of perseverance required to achieve such changes can be just as important as the determination to change. The Green Man wisdom here is clear - be suggests that if we continue to persevere, the tasks we undertake are more likely to be achieved. These achievements will be much more meaningful and much more profound since they were those that were earned through our perseverance, and not those we are likely to forget or take for granted. It could also be said that these types of achievements are momentous and even life changing, while definitely being life affirming at the same time. So, where you have struggled, but continued to push through and push on, your guidance is to continue to do so. Your rewards will enhance your life beyond measure and will affirm and guide you on the path of your life purpose because they really will be that big of a deal because they were so hard fought and so hard won.

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