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Portal of Realism

Our Divine Download for September 29, 2020 is Portal from the Starseed Oracle Cards. The Starseed Soul Inquiry is "What would you most like to experience?" Hmmmm. When was the last time that you gave some serious (or really any) thought to that question? If you don't know what you would most like to experience, how do you expect the Universe to deliver your manifestation through the law of attraction (hint: it cannot.) Your thoughts are extra powerful right now. Doors are opening, planets are aligning, and the timing is right. You have the Midas Touch. The Universe is saying "YES!" So it's time to get crystal clear on what question or request the Universe is saying yes to! You are coming into a time of being rewarded, where you will begin to see your past hard work paying off and you will begin to reap the rewards of your past efforts. This is also a time when you are in a cycle of achievement and extreme transformation. Much of this is due to your renewed or new found sense of connectedness, remembering who you really are and connecting to the source of Divine Intelligence which guides and lives within us all. This is also due in large part to your courage to go with the flow and surf the waves of life. Now is not the time to lose focus. Make sure that you use this moment you are being gifted wisely and for what you really, truly want. Be aware of both your emotions and your thoughts and keep them as clear and focused as possible. Things are coming to fruition and it will feel as though everything is in full bloom. It's time for you to take your harvest and enjoy tasting your well-earned fruits. Effortless change is possible now - simply think it, and so it is. If you've been waiting and looking for a sign, consider this your portal into your new reality. Now is the time to make big changes. You're extremely well supported in all of your efforts. Don't just walk through this portal into your brilliant bright future. Jump. Or, better yet, leap!

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