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Power Up Your Partnerships

Our Divine Download for August 6, 2023 is Partnership from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "A partnership of two of more people focused on the same goal or vision is very, very powerful. Whether praying or meditating, working on playing, focused, committed partners can create miracles." We can sometimes fall into the trap of being overly focused on independence thinking that we can do it all by ourselves (like petulant toddlers). Yeah, you know what, you probably CAN do it all by yourself. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you SHOULD. It doesn't mean that it is the most effective way to do something. When we forget to utilize the resources that we have within the partnerships within our lives, we are not only degrading those partnerships, but we are telling the universe that we don't actually need or want help. Whoops. Not exactly the most accurate message we want to be sending to the universe. If you find it difficult to work within partnerships in any area of your life, ask yourself why. Be willing to be really honest with yourself and be willing to challenge yourself to accept help as it is offered to you. Be willing to challenge yourself to allow the partnerships in your life to grow and thrive. You deserve to have a partner with who you can create miracles and the universe is telling you that there are people in your life now, or about to come into your life who absolutely fit that bill.

Sometimes the negative energies and the negative cords of attachment from past partnerships, experiences, and negative interactions linger with us and keep us stuck within the confines of those negative energies. We may need an energetic cord cutting to cut the negative cords of attachment which are keeping us stuck and bound to those old patterns and negative energies. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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