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Power Your Soul Connection

Our Divine Download for October 16, 2020 is Soul Power from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. We're being reminded again that we are divine in nature, we are infinite, we are connected. All of the chaos and illusion of the outside world so not define us, are not who we really are. Our souls are powerful. YOUR soul is powerful. Read that again: YOUR soul is power. Like infinitely powerful Does that resonate with you? Are you able to accept that spiritual truth as your reality? Or do you feel small and limited? The outside distractions of the physical world with all of it's chaos and frantic, hectic pace, and it's mirrors of energetic illusion, is trying to distract you from what your soul is trying to help you with right now. The answers that you seek, the connection that you seek, isn't likely to come from the outside world and is never likely to be forthcoming from that place. True wisdom and authentic accurate guidance can only be found within. You soul often tries to get your attention through dreams, intuitive nudges, and those little synchronistic events that our ego likes to define and write off as coincidence (pro tip: there's no such thing!) When you feel these, when you receive these hints, these nudges, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Calm and center yourself and ask your soul for guidance with any situation you're experiencing right now, at this moment in time. Be open to receive that guidance however it may come through. It may be a a picture, or a symbol, you may experience a particular feeling, you may hear a whisper in your mind, or in your ear, you may just KNOW. Trust that. Trust what you receive. The answer may not be immediate, but you soul knows how to guide you at this time. Be open to receive and integrate the wisdom of your soul. Doing so honors the true power of your soul and allows you to best express exactly who you really are. Integrating your soul wisdom into your daily life also helps you feel aligned, centered, connected, and allows you to most fully and beautifully express and live your most beautiful life.

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