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Pray For Family, Surrender to Healing

Our Divine Download for May 10, 2022 is Family from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards with the message "I pray for my family and give this situation over to God for answers, support, and healing." Family can be one of the many challenges that we experience in life. Whether we define family as our literal biological, ancestral family of origin, or our family of choice, there are dynamics at play within all of our familial relationships which exist to challenge us because through this challenge comes learning and growth. Those people that we are closest too are often most adept at challenging us the most, pushing us the furthest (for better or for worse) and often creating the most friction within our lives. Family can also be some of the most difficult dynamics within which to set and maintain appropriate boundaries. This is especially true when it comes to our family of origin because setting and maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries with people with whom we literally share DNA can sometimes feel a bit like chasing our own tails. Our message today is our gentle loving reminder to turn to our heavenly helpers to help with all of our family dynamics and challenges. When we pray, however that looks for us, and we surrender in faith knowing that our prayers will be heard and answered, it takes the pressure and the responsibility off of us to have all of the answers and to fix all of the things. Our families and our family dynamics can look however we want and need them to, when we remember to simply ask for support and allow for healing and balance. It is also important to remember that we are not and do not need to be responsible for any of our family, that we can simply love them and allow them to have their own journeys and their own experiences. So don't forget to envision things as you want them, not necessarily as they are, and ask through prayer for the necessary shifts to occur to bring your vision into tangible reality.

Family dynamics can be some of the most challenging because we inherit patterns of the past, both good and bad, through our ancestral DNA. If you have been struggling with patterns or issues that do not feel like they are truly yours, an Energetic Cord Cutting can free you from all negative cords of attachment with your family which only enhances all of the positive connections. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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